Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Budget Primer

Here's your quick "table-setting" for the Harper/Flaherty Budget.

Harper: "We want to keep people employed, and let those who still have jobs keep more of what they earn."

Ignatieff: "Jack Layton's an idiot. We'll decide what to do after we actually READ the budget. No news until Wednesday."

Layton: "We don't care what the budget says, Harper's a lying jerk and he won't do what he says anyway."

Duceppe: "Harper is a jerk to the media and doesn't care about the arts and young offenders..." (huh? Gilles, do you even know what it is we're talking about?"


Anonymous said...

You forgot May which will be something along the lines of "save the environment and buy my book"

Enlightened Savage said...

Mark: I was only including the leaders of political parties who were politically astute enough to win a seat in the House of Commons for themselves.

I don't think anyone's all that interested in whether a powerless party with a hopeless leader will support the budget. May's support, or lack thereof, doesn't affect whom will be our Prime Minister this time next week.

Funny, though. :)