Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My apologies for the recent silence, all - and for my failure to cover the ridings I had intended. Computer issues, and real life, popup at the worst possible times. Rest assured, when Jack Layton forces us all to the polls again in 18 months to get the drop on the new Liberal leader before he can raise funds, I'll make up for it.

Tonight's results will be available from several sources, in as close to real-time as you can get without sitting in the Returning Office. Check out:

What I want to know, in the Comments section, is this:

Seat prediction:

Voter turn-out:

Here's mine.

Seat prediction:
CPC 129 (Harper's leadership comes into question within the party)
Lib 88 (Goodbye Stephane, hello Iggy)
NDP 38 (Jack tries to be the Unofficial Official Opposition)
Grn 0 (May stays on, but green message overtaken by activism for electoral MMP reform)
BQ 52 (Gilles stays on for another go 'round)
Ind. 1

Voter turn-out: 62%


Anonymous said...


Hey, don't worry about not keeping up with your blogging. . . Those of us that are regular readers will grant you a free pass to be just like the rest of us--long on ideas, short on time. Life happens!

But I will put my two cents worth in here. I am a disappointed resident of Calgary West that voted for the "right" party, but the "wrong" candidate.

I believe the Conservatives to be the right party. The platform they put forward does not look to tear the country apart. The uninspired platform is 'pay as you go' and is not built on revenue contingently forecast show show up in the form of taxes, new or otherwise. The looming economic slowdown in this country has little 'made in Canada' influence and, despite our relatively strong banking system, now is not the time to be mortgaging our future in deficit and debt.

The NDP continue to lack pragmatism in their approach to 'working families", families who require healthy businesses and markets to employ them (CAW are you listening?). They promise to spend phantom billions that they would "take back" from corporations. Profit remains a dirty word in the NDP dictionary.

The Liberals pander to central Canada with a misguided plan based on unproven science that will weaken the only strong region of the country, the West, with the inference that it will strengthen central Canada's manufacturing sector. In the Liberal dictionary, profit remains something that should only occur in Ontario and Quebec.

Both the NDP and Liberal platforms would result in Canadians being more dependent on government and result in individuals having less choice and, ultimately, less money in their pay packets after deduction of heavier government withholding.

That said, this has been a campaign where all parties have assumed that the Canadian voter will be swayed by personal attacks rather than the promotion, comparison and contrast of ideas. This has further evidenced that the Canadian voter will have to wait for the emergence of a statesman, someone who can be a true catalyst for the nation. That will only be done when there is a vision passionately shared with Canadians, something that is lacking from this sorry lot.

I have no doubt that this election will result in another minority (in my hope, a Conservative one; in my nightmare, a Liberal one) that will see us return to the polls within 18 months (thanks Jack!).

Anonymous said...

CPC 136
Libs 85
NDP 36
BQ 51
Green 0

Voter Turnout 54%

Anonymous said...

CPC 143
Liberal 76
NDP 37
Bloc 50

Did i win?