Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Did Duncan Do It?

Nation, as of 11:42 Mountain Time, Linda Duncan (NDP) is ahead in Edmonton Strathcona by 459 votes, with 1 poll to be counted. A victory for Duncan would deny the Tories a clean sweep of Alberta - a fact that will no doubt stick in the craw of the vast majority of people who were in the room with me about an hour ago at the Telus Convention Centre in downtown Calgary.

Strategic voting? Vote-swapping? Complimentary coverage by daveberta and the Enlightened Savage (voted Best Looking Albertan Blogger Not Named Ken, Duncan, Dave, DJ, or Allie)? Who can say for certain... but if this result holds up to the inevitable re-count, then a lot of incumbent Tories will have to very closely examine their local campaigns in 18 months, when Layton forces us all to the polls again.

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