Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day, Indeed

Nation, you first read about the story of young Trevor Pare here. A follow-up came here, by which point the mainstream media were kind enough to pick up the story as well. Lastly, an update came a few days later when the Minister of Health for Alberta, the Honourable Ron Liepert, stopped by the Pare home - unannounced, and without fanfare - to visit with and reassure the family, Trevor and his devoted mom Linda that he was personally "on the case".

Today, on Mother's Day, Linda received word (that she passed on to me) from Ron Liepert that Alberta Blue Cross would be covering Trevor's Myozyme treatments in the future, ensuring that Trevor gets to live a full and active life and, someday, gets to incur my wrath as the General Manager of my beloved Oilers.

Bravo to everyone involved in this story. From the Honourable Ron Liepert, to his staff, to the good people at Alberta Blue Cross... You are all very deserving of praise, and on this day, I can say with absolutely certainly that ALL of you have or had mothers who would be very proud of you.


Happy Mother's Day, to Linda and to moms (and single dads) everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Thanks ES for the follow-up.

I have been watching it with interest as my own mother recently acquired a rare blood disorder and has required a treatment that was in itself once experimental. We managed to spring her from the hospital this weekend where once she would have remained in isolation for the remainder of her life.

Therefore, on this Mother's Day, I can say that we are truly blessed to be Canadians. Thanks again for reminding others, in this sometime cynical world, that people in Alberta truly care for one another.

God bless ...

Anonymous said...

Hey there Savage. No offence but the mainstream media had ahold of this story long before it appeared here. Anyways good on you for following it though ... MERC