Friday, May 30, 2008

Discuss: Blogs

Nation, this is the first of several "Discuss" posts over the next week or so... the object is quite simple: I'll write a brief introduction outlining what it is I'm looking for, and then the floor is open to you via the "comments" section.

These are generally items I'm looking for reader feed-back on, and I'd do them as a "Poll", except the Blogger poll application is too limited.

Today: Blogs

In an upcoming facelift for this site, I'll be including a "Recommended Blogs" area, listing some of my favourite Canadian political blogs. What I'm looking for from you is suggestions: What blogs do YOU recommend to people? I'm not looking for people who are my ideological match necessarily, just who write well and do good research. Suggestions?


Another area that will be included after the facelift is a "Best of E.S." section. What posts from the past would you like to see there? There are just about 300 to choose from...

Thanks, Nation. As I said, more of these coming soon.

Tomorrow, we "Discuss: Voter Engagement".

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Anonymous said...

For Best of E.S. you must of course include your April post "Budget 2008 - a reaction."
I've seen a lot of blogs - this was the first post I've seen from yours, and I'm very impressed by the quality of the content.
Marnie Tunay