Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Daveberta Knocks One Out Of The Park...

Nation, my deep-rooted malice towards Daveberta is well-known. Indeed, as the Godzilla to my Mothra in the battle for Albertan poli-blog supremacy, normally you'd only read his name here as part of a "colourful metaphor", as Mr. Spock might say.

Today, however, Dave got it right. It happens occasionally (I suppose you can't win "Best Political Blog", "Best Progressive Blog", "Best Blogosphere Citizen" and get personal e-mail from The Enlightened Savage to which you have yet to respond without being OCCASIONALLY right), and I encourage everyone to check out his post from today. My response after I get my keyboard fixed.

Hoping it's not the seeds of some Meech-esque snare for Harper, as we need to look at this issue as something to be truly fixed, not as an once-per generation Tory electoral death-trap.

- E.S.


Anonymous said...

"Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while."

"Even a broken clock is right twice day"

... I could go on.

Having made one accurate post, I am sure the object of post will resume his anti-PC, anti-development, anti-everything-but-Kevin-Taft-and-the-Alberta-Liberal-party ranting.

daveberta said...

Thanks, ES. I'm looking forward to your thoughts on this.

And yeah, I'm working on the email response (my promptness in returning emails has plummeted lately).