Thursday, April 10, 2008

Quick Note to a (formerly) Un-Named Alberta Minister

Minister Liepert:

I know you didn't take the steps which you did today for "public relations" reasons. There were no media releases, no photogs following along for photo ops... that's what made today all the more decent. I won't cheapen your actions by outlining them here - as I said, clearly, that's not why you took them.

I just want you to know, Minister, that in this one man's opinion, you represent everything that is right about politics.

Your new fan,

The Enlightened Savage

EDIT: For a full account of what went on, please click here. This has to be one of the most human and touching stories I've seen in government in a long, long time. Minister Liepert was under no obligation to do this, whatsoever. Indeed, only the day before, his deputy minister had called and spoken to the Pare family, and they were quite content with that discussion. But to have the minister himself show up the next day on their doorstep - no entourage, no media, no "leaked" agenda for the MSM to pick up on - simply awesome. Full marks to the minister for his obvious compassion for Trevor and his mother, and for his handling of the visit. Pure gold. Now, let's give the story a happy ending, and get this young man the help he needs.


Anonymous said...

Who who?? I missed it? What the heck?

Kirk Schmidt said...

at the sane time, ES, I think it's important that *somebody* reports on the good work of good politicians - there's so much negative influence in the media at times that we need a counter-balance. If nothing else, it should be webloggers' responsibility to get the word out and increase the attention of good politics...

Enlightened Savage said...

Kirk: The story has been picked up by the media, so now I have no compunction about tooting the horn of the politico in question. Post edited to reflect this.