Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust...

Nation, the word is out - AlbertaTory is hanging up his spurs.

Not that anyone should be surprised by this... AT is just another name added to the list of Albertan political bloggers who have disappeared off the radar screen after the emergence of the Next Big Thing - yours truly.

Indeed, the PoliBlogging juggernaut that is The Enlightened Savage can be traced back to its roots by following the trail of dead and broken sites left in its wake. Consider...

  • October, 2007 - Larry Johnsrude, rendered obsolete by the Enlightened Savage, pulls up the stakes on his blog and goes to work for the Alberta Liberal Caucus.

  • January, 2008 - CalgaryGrit, after checking under his bed each night for the new blogging monster in South-East Calgary, decides to move out to Toronto. Blog remains active, but come on... it's in TORONTO.

  • February, 2008 - An independent candidate in Calgary Egmont who shall remain nameless, after routinely having new orifices ripped for him by The Enlightened Savage, fills the "Democracy Denied" section of his campaign website with... nothingness. Which made the site as substantive as his chance of winning the election.

  • April, 2008 - AlbertaTory, after being drunk under the table by The Enlightened Savage, gives up blogging and goes to work for the Government of Alberta.

A pattern clearly emerges... and so, we see the inevitability of The Enlightened Savage taking his place on the mountaintop as Lord of All Alberta Political Bloggers.

Now, I set my sites on that Ken Chapman fella... heads up, Chapman - I'm coming for ya, kid. ;)

On a serious note, good luck to AT in the new position. I'm sure it's not the last we'll hear from you - while I understand you won't be in a position to publicly post or comment on what you see here and elsewhere, I know you'll make your presence felt nevertheless. Your "on the record" voice will be missed. I believe I owe you a poker game when next you're in town...

- E.S.

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kenchapman said...

Bring it on ES...;~}

What do you have to say about the Budget?