Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Question of Priorities

Normally I'd be loathe to link to anything done by MotherCorp - but this one really gets my head spinning.

Nation - it does the heart good to know that our country is in such marvellous shape that the people whom we elect and pay to run it are spending their time on issues like this one. I'll admit I may not have been paying the closest attention in the past few days, getting ready for my sojourn to the Alberta PC AGM this week-end, so apparently I missed all of the hoopla surrounding the following announcements:

  • Cure for AIDS/HIV
  • Elimination of all poverty
  • Canada destroyed the Taliban, AND found bin Laden
  • Senate reform
  • Electoral reform
  • The entire health care system was fixed
  • Pharmacare for all
  • DENTAL care for all
  • The filling of every pot-hole in the nation
  • The eradication of all crime, everywhere in the country
  • Government scientists find a cure for Cancer
  • The entire nation is switching to Electric Cars
  • Canada will meet its emission reduction targets next week
  • All 10 Provinces signed the Constitution
  • Someone stuck a sock in Dany Williams' pie-hole
  • The RCMP found a new commissioner
  • A funding formula was announced that ALL the provinces were happy with
  • All women make the same as all men, in every business across the country, for the same work
  • 8 million new child-care spaces opened across the country
  • Every pending school, hospital, freeway overpass, dam, highway, transit station and medicentre in Canada was built
  • Homelessness was wiped out
  • Racial tension and gang warfare were eradicated
  • The problem with immigrant qualification for skilled jobs was sorted out
  • Income tax and the GST were both eliminated
  • We met our historical commitments to the First Nations, and solved the issues facing their own communities

... so now that all of that has been dealt with, the people whom WE PAY to get all that stuff done can turn to "who should be the Captain of Canada's hockey team?"

... Sorry, what's that?

... You're KIDDING me...

... NONE of it?

All right... well, it's good to see that our MP's have their priorities in order, then... because clearly, the "Shane Doan Question" MUST be more important than anything ELSE on my list... isn't it?

Isn't it?


- ES

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Anonymous said...

It is one of those times where you read something so silly, you wonder if you are still sleeping, and only dreamed you woke up and went to work today.

Sigh - at least it reduced the amount of print going on about the impending climate change cataclysm. [But not by much.]

Honestly, some of these guys break sticks on each others' heads, practice serial monogamy at a level that would make Magic Johnson proud, and beat their wives. I'm sure some of them even fart in public and don't fess up. They are professional athletes. Until we get them all microphoned up for TV, only those of us who read lips know the degree of colourful language used. Not to excuse it entirely, but the F-word is almost a greeting. Just because the word following it was "frenchman" (which is apparently in dispute) means we need to get stirred up?