Saturday, May 5, 2007

AGM Update #3

New morning, same old policy talk... although, certainly the donuts are of near-Krispy Kreme quality, so there's something to be said for early Saturday morning policy talk. :)

A motion passed a few minutes ago compels the PC Party to suggest to the government that a study into the viability of Nuclear power being used in the oil-sands be commisioned. It is VERY important to note that this resolution does NOT in any way suggest that Nuclear energy be used - only that the possibility be studied, and consultations with experts in the field should take place. The resolution, as it is worded (as was adopted) clearly supports the idea that if the study suggests that Nuclear is NOT the way to go, that the Party is just fine with that finding... better the Nuclear Scientists making that call than the collective membership of the PC Party. Insert your own joke here.

On my way to listen to arguments about "communications strategy" from a room where maybe 15 of the hundreds of occupants will know how to check e-mail. Should be entertaining.

- ES

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