Thursday, May 3, 2007

AGM Housekeeping

Nation, I will, as previously mentioned, be in Edmonton this week-end for the PC AGM - I'll be blogging from the event as opportunity permits.

Anyone who's wanting to hook up for a bevy and a discussion who is ATTENDING the AGM with me this week-end, contact me at amishbuggyracing (at) gmail (dot) com, and I'll get you my cell number in advance of the event since, as I mentioned in a comment a few days ago, I won't exactly be wearing a button that identifies me as "The Enlightened Savage". :)

On a personal note, I've very much looking forward to this week-end. The chance to meet many of my fellow Bloggers, and readers, face-to-face will be wonderful. Likewise, as a bit of a policy wonk, I look forward to the chance to help shape it in some small way. Thirdly, I have little doubt that my upcoming piece on "Political Groupies" will be reinforced by the sub-culture I see there. And lastly, and perhaps most of all, I look forward to seeing the bloggers checking out everyone with Calgary I.D. who walks by with a computer, cell-phone or PDA, wondering which of them is the fabled Enlightened Savage. ;)

- ES

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