Saturday, February 27, 2010


Folks, I'm sitting next to celebrity blogger DJ Kelly ready to get started at Reboot Alberta.

YOU can attend, too: Just click here, and follow and contribute to the goings-on, live. Any tweets with the hashtag #rebootab will show up on the big screen in front of the room. (Of course, EVERYONE will see them, so it might be a bad forum to remind your significant other to pick up milk on the way home or profess your love for an attendee - or, maybe not., ;)

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Unknown said...

What? All the olympic fever and not a post about the "culturally defining" win of Team Canada for Men's Hockey Gold?

(Yes, "culturally defining" was the wording used by one talk-radio host on AM 960. My thought at the time: yup, winning was great... but for Pete's sake, we were the FAVORITES for gold!!! It's not like we were 1000:1 underdogs!)

The Olympics were exciting, our athletes did their country proud, and now it's all over and the world is unchanged (or our culture has been redefined, depending on your viewpoint).