Friday, August 8, 2008

Let The Games Begin!

Hello, Nation - long time, no speak. I haven't been ignoring you on purpose, I've just been rather busy getting all of the paperwork in order for the HOME I PURCHASED over the past few weeks. Yes, myself and the soon-to-be Mrs. Savage have decided to leave the realm of the renters, and will be joining the great debt-ridden group known as "home owners". Which I'm looking forward to with a giddyness that's difficult to put into words - even for me. :)

Rest assured, however, I have noticed what's been going on all the while. And I've got to say, while the anticipation for the big event this summer has been off-the-charts (sometimes ridiculous) in the past few months, I can't believe that it's finally here.

That's right... a federal election is coming this fall.


Sorry... what?


What's going on in Beijing?




(Do you suppose the E.S. Nation can get some athletes to qualify in time for 2010? "Now entering the stadium...")

Getting back to things that actually matter... the hype surrounding the possibility of a fall election call has been building for weeks now, with Harper all but DARING Dion to bring down the government, and Dion musing that he might just take Stephen up on his offer. Sensing that this might be his shot, Dion is said to be mustering the troops and making all the fundraising calls you'd expect with a federal election call a few weeks away. The polls suggest that the election results are NOT a foregone conclusion, and might actually be decided by the quality of the campaigns themselves - which would be a nice change in Canadian politics.

I will readily admit that to political junkies like myself, a shuffling of the federal deck is a tantalizing prospect. Indeed, the idea of a federal election in the near future ALMOST makes me forget that my possession date for the new house is scheduled for the same week that the writ might come. Thanks, fellas... hope the missus won't mind moving by herself, while I'm busy blogging.

I'd encourage bloggers of all stripes to familiarize themselves with the policies not just of the party that they personally support, but of ALL of the parties, as those policies stand at this time. After all, we only notice the big, sudden shifts in direction (in the name of political expediency/ass-kissing) when we first take note of the previous course.

Hold onto your hats, kids... it's going to be an interesting month or so as the rhetoric kicks into high gear...

(Oh, by the way - for the record, I am a HUGE fan of the Olympic Games. I performed in the Opening Ceremonies in Calgary in 1988. China? Not such a big fan. Doping and cheating? Ditto. But the romantic idealist in me loves the "fantasy" of the Olympics - so, to our Olympians, who I know would be reading this right now if China allowed access to Blogger sites, I say: "Citius, Altius, Fortius". Give 'em hell, gang.)

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