Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Blogger-versary!

Just a quick hit today, to wish my Godfather of Blog-itude, my Sensei of Cyber-Smack, Ken Chapman a happy 2nd anniversary as a blogger.

If you don't read Ken, you should... just bring a dictionary. He's not writing for the "lowest common denominator".

... then again, neither am I - so they're probably not reading this post anyway.

Here's to many more, Ken!

- ES

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kenchapman said...

Thx for the sentiments ES. It is fun, fixating and frustrating this Blogger business.

I am mulling and musing over a piece I promised to do for the Canada West Foundation on my personal experiences as a Blogger. I think they want a narrative written in first person hubris. Not that I am totally incapable of that voice ;~}

I would be interested in hearing from other Bloggers – particularly of the political genre – on what they have learned, how they have changed and what they think they have accomplished as Bloggers.