Friday, August 31, 2007

New Poll

Nation, there's a new poll, as you no doubt noticed, just below the banner.

Don't read TOO much into it... yet.

But I'm really interested to hear from people who visit here whether they're as outraged at the thought of Craig Chandler as an MLA as people elsewhere on the web seem to be.

People of all parties and affiliations (even though Craig thinks you should go home!) can vote at nomination meetings, provided they pay their $5 to become party members first. You KNOW that a well-oiled political machine like Team Chandler will have bus-loads of voters from church groups and seniors' homes at the nomination meeting... and unless his opponents can get similar support AT THAT MEETING, he'll win.

If, however, the people in Calgary Egmont of ALL political stripes who believe that Chandler will not represent their best interests can band together and ensure that he does not win that nomination, keeping him and his views off the ballot, then that would be what we call "democratic karma".

So, Nation... especially those of you in Egmont... what say you?

- E.S.

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