Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cabinet Musings...

Nation, stay tuned to The Enlightened Savage for updates and commentary on the new Federal Cabinet.

As leaks begin to trickle out ahead of today's expected announcement, notable musings include:
- Stockwell Day or Peter McKay to Defense
- Jason Kenny to Finance or Revenue
- Helena Guergis to Foreign Affairs (I doubt it, but we'll see)

As I said, stay tuned.

- E.S.

UPDATE 3:30 Eastern:

McKay to Defense
Bernier to Foreign Affairs
Strahl to Indian Affairs
Prentice to Industry
Ablonczy is getting a post as well, which doesn't bode well for Kenney - too many Calgarians in the cabinet to promote Kenney.

Baird, Cannon, Ambrose, Hearn, Flaherty and Hill stay put.

UPDATE - 3:45 Eastern

McKay - National Defense
O'Connor - Revenue
Oda - Int'l Co-operation
Verner - Heritage
Prentice - Industry
Bernier - Foreign Affairs
Ritz - Agriculture
Strahl - Indian Affairs
Ablonczy - Sec. State for Tourism

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