Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dion Expels Liberal MP; One Final Budget Thought

Just a quick one today, Nation...

Dion's expulsion of a Liberal MP for having the audacity to support the budget (and, perhaps even being so crazy as to READ the budget before deciding what to do about it) is ethically wrong, but politically necessary. This is another prime example of partisan games and political expediency trumping the common good - if MP's actually vote for or against the budget based on its CONTENTS, rather than along simple party lines based on who is introducing it, then we might (gods forbid) get a GOOD budget, instead of getting the budget supported by the winner of the numbers game.

ON the other hand... as a new leader, Dion needs to send a message to his caucus that there are, in fact, penalties for failing to tow the party line on issues he considers important. With his leadership in question anyway, this was an opportunity for him to crack the whip, and he wisely chose to do so. I don't agree with it, but it was a politically necessary move, and he made it.

A side note that I was thinking but somehow failed to mention in either of my budget posts is this: The Liberals and NDP get a bonus out of this deal in that, by virtue of the fact that they can vote against the budget without triggering an election, AND that they can claim (as they have in the past, but this time with evidence) that the Tories are being propped up by their "ideological brethren", the Bloc.

Further posts this week-end are unlikely, as I'll be in Edmonton, scouting out the parade route for my triumphant march through the streets of Edmonton upon my successful bid for the Premier's office. :)

Stay Strong, Nation! Only 6 more months until the municipal elections!

- ES

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