Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Meet Byel

Nation, allow me to introduce you to Byel Doromal. 

Byel is a family friend – a Philippine national, married, with three daughters.

Byel first arrived in Canada on New Year’s Day 2009, sponsored by Tim Horton’s through the Temporary Foreign Worker program. He worked hard, learning the ropes as he went and helping out whenever he could. Tim Horton’s liked Byel so much, they kept him on for over 6 years until a clerical error on their part resulted in his application for another work permit being denied – while he was in the middle of an application for Permanent Resident Status.

In December of 2015, as he had been instructed to do by the federal government, Byel left Canada – the country he had come to love, and to think of as home.

Almost immediately, Tim Horton’s engaged an immigration services firm to get Byel back into Canada, and back into their employ as a Supervisor. He applied for a work permit with his family included, and they were refused entry due to financial reasons. Heartbroken but determined to earn a better life for his family, Byel returned to Canada in late 2017 by himself, with a two year work permit.

Byel has engaged with the Alberta Nomination for Immigration Program, with renewed hopes of earning Permanent Resident Status in his new home. In May of 2018, he applied for an Open Visa for his wife and Student Visas for his three daughters, and was refused again on all counts due to “lack of financial support”.

The salary which Byel earns from Tim Horton’s is set as a condition of his Temporary Workers’ Agreement, and cannot be increased. Likewise, he is not permitted to do any more work to earn extra money, and he is intent on following these rules. It is sadly ironic that were Byel not so committed to following the rules and doing things the right way, he might have enough income to have his family’s Visa applications approved. 

He has received financial support from FOES (Family Of Enlightened Savage) in Edmonton, and has spent over $4,000 on application fees, test and medicals related to the immigration process. Were his wife permitted to join him, their combined income would certainly allow them to raise their family and contribute to the local community.

Byel is a hard working man, who loves this country and wants to build a better life for his family in Edmonton. He has worked and paid taxes in Alberta for seven years. He has played by the rules, wanting to set a positive example for his daughters. Were it not for a simple clerical error over 3 years ago, he would be well on his way towards achieving Canadian Citizenship, with his wife and daughters. Instead, his family waits in the Philippines for word from Byel that their prayers for help have been answered.

Rules and policies are obviously set in place for a reason, and the words “No Appeals” are part of the standard response to people in Byel’s situation when it comes to Visa applications for family. However, with the support of his friends, the support of Tim Horton’s, the support of the Edmonton community and perhaps a little nudge from someone in a position of power who thinks a man like Byel deserves a chance and shouldn’t be punished for a mis-filed form by his employer years ago, this man and his family can help contribute to our Albertan and Canadian communities for the rest of their lives.

Byel Doromal loves his family, he loves this country, and he respects our laws and freedoms. He wants to make this his home, and the home of his family. He works hard, and contributes to his community. He is exactly the kind of New Canadian that we look for, as a society. All he needs now is a little bit of help overcoming the bureaucratic inertia of a massive system to look at his file with a fresh set of eyes, and right a wrong that was no fault of his own.

I believe in Byel. And Byel believes in Edmonton, Alberta, and Canada.

Please help him keep believing.


Email the Honourable Ahmed D. Hussen, Federal Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, at Ahmed.Hussen@parl.gc.ca

Email the Honourable Christina Gray, Alberta Minister of Labour, at labour.minister@gov.ab.ca

Email the Honourable Michelle Rempel, Shadow Minister for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, at Michelle.Rempel@parl.gc.ca

Email Mr. Grant Hunter, Official Opposition Critic for Labour, at cardston.taberwarner@assembly.ab.ca

Email Mr. Rick Fraser, Alberta Party Caucus Leader, at calgary.southeast@assembly.ab.ca

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