Thursday, November 1, 2012

Open Invitation

Nation, Alberta's 2 biggest political parties - the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta and the Wildrose Alliance Party - are holding their Annual General Meetings this month.

The PC AGM runs November 9th and 10th, in Calgary.

The Wildrose AGM is November 23rd and 24th (Grey Cup weekend? Really???) in Edmonton.

At both meetings, those eligible to do so will be electing new Executive Committees to run the daily operations of their respective parties. Election readiness, fundraising, grassroots organization, outreach, growth...  all of these, and much more, can be balls that are carried over the goal line by a good Executive Committee... or, dropped by a bad one.

This blog is therefore issuing an Open Invitation to any candidate for the Executive Committee of either the PC's or Wildrose. If you want a chance to get your message out, drop me a line - joey (at) dulcetmelodies (dot) ca, and I'll be happy to arrange an in-person or on-line interview.

Act fast - the clock is ticking. ;)

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Jane Morgan said...

Cory has dedicated a lot of space on his blog for the Wildrose EC candidates.