Saturday, March 3, 2012

And The Winner Is... #abvote

Nation, you spoke loud and clear, and the winnter of the "Alberta's Election Hashtag" election, with 53% popular support, is "#abvote".

Now, this isn't to say that candidates and supporters aren't going to - by design or out of ignorance - flood their messages with other hastags, like #yeg, #yyc, #ymm, #wrp, #wap, #ablib, #changefromwithin, #40isenough, #pcaa, #abpc, #pcelxn, #ndp, #abndp, #evrgreen, #abparty, #abvotes, #abpoli, #ableg, #roft... and those are just the ones I've seen TODAY.

But a word to the wise: When you're limited to 140 characters, every hashtag you decide to use to further your point or broaden its reach, takes away from the space you have to make that point. Brevity and clarity count.

I know, I know...  the Enlightened Savage talking about brevity. I admit, I had to look it up. ;)

IF YOU'RE A CANDIDATE: Your party probably has someone who can give you social media tips, particularly when it comes to Facebook and Twitter. If you don't know, ask your campaign manager. If S/HE doesn't know, talk to the party directly. And if you can't get help with it and you don't feel comfortable, there are dozens of firms out there that specialize in this stuff who can give you pointers and tips on how to effectively use this tool, and how to coach your campaign team and supporters to do the same.

Social media is a tool. Like a hammer. You can't build a solid house, or win a campaign, using only one tool. But if you're using it ineffectively, or using a hammer to try to drive a screw, it can sure come back to bite you. Talk to the experts. You'll be glad you did.

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