Sunday, January 29, 2012

Super Saturday Nomination Results

Nation, with Daveberta away from his blog (and its comprehensive coverage of the nomination races taking place across the province) for the next week, someone has to step up and fill the void. I guess, by process of elimination, that means "me".

Not to fear: You'll be getting my thoughts on my own nomination race in Calgary-Fish Creek before too long. It just takes a while to put into words what it feels like to come so close to achieving your life's dream on the first attempt. :)

The following nominations took place yesterday:

Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo: Councillor Mike Allen emerged victorious, and will try to win this riding for the PCs against former PC Guy Boutilier, now of the Wildrose Party.

Little Bow: Former municipal Councillor and agri-businessman John Kolk will wave the PC flag.

Banff-Cochrane: 4-term Canmore Mayor Ron Casey emerged from a strong PC field which included popular Cochrane Mayor Truper McBride.

Calgary-Hawkwood: Social Worker and City of Calgary non-profit big-wig Jason Luan beat out 9 other candidates to win the PC nomination in the new riding in Calgary's north-west.

Grande Prairie-Smoky: Grande Prairie County Reeve Everett McDonald will run under the PC banner.

Highwood: Local publisher John Barlow will be the PC candidate running opposite Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith. Barlow is a popular and high-profile long-time resident of the riding, which is exactly the type of candidate the PCs needed here to try and counter Smith's celebrity. While party Leaders often spend much of their time attending to the provincial campaign in far-flung corners of Alberta, their opponents (and the bank accounts of other parties) can focus on yanking out the rug from underneath them. All politics is local.

Calgary-Varsity: Lawyer and former Nexen VP Donna Kennedy-Glans won the nomination for the PCs. Worth noting is that Kennedy-Glans had, several years back, announced her intention to challenge Calgary-West MP Rob Anders for the Conservative Party of Canada nomination.  Her supporters won control of the local CPC Board, but were rebuffed in their attempts to hold a nomination vote.

Calgary-Currie: School principal Christine Cusanelli won a hotly contested race for the PC banner. Also in the running here was former MLA, Alderman, and mayoral candidate Jon Lord, whose scrutineer was ejected during the count for being on her phone (with a babysitter, according to sources). Party rules prohibit scrutineers from communicating with the "outside world" during the count itself. Lord has the option of challenging the result and submitting to arbitration on the Party's "Form G" if he so chooses.

Medicine Hat: Banker and former Alderman Darren Hirsch emerged from a 4-person field to capture the PC nomination.

Barrhead-Morinville-Westlock: Former head of the Alberta School Boards Association and curent Deputy Reeve of Westlock County, Maureen Kubinek won in a race with over 1,200 votes cast, and will be the PC nominee replacing Speaker Ken Kowalski.

Airdrie: School Principal and Airdrie Alderman Kelly Hegg won a fierce contest, and will represent the PC brand in this riding, which elected a PC in 2008 by the name of Rob Anderson, now of the Wildrose Party.

Fair readers: Did I miss any? Were there other parties holding nominations yesterday? Let me know! :)

- E.S.

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Anonymous said...

Matt Jeneroux won in Edmonton -South West last evening. He defeated 3 other candidates to claim the nomination. Over 350 votes cast.