Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's Time To Play The Music... It's Time To Light The Lights...

Nation, after what seems like a 16-year long campaign, the time has come to cast your vote for a new leader of the Progressive Conservative Party and, by extension, for Premier of Alberta.

My thousands (millions?) of PC-inclined readers are no doubt already on their way to the polling stations scattered across the province. I don't need to tell you how important this choice is.

However, I know a lot of people who read this blog are not normally inclined to support the PC's. That might be a recent development, or they might be life-long haters of the PC brand and all it stands for in their eyes.

I want you to buy a membership and vote anyhow.

Sitting on the sidelines and criticizing the decisions and choices that other people have made is easy.

But Albertans - of any political stripe - are not the type to take the easy road.

Want to change this province for the better?

But a membership. Go vote today. Vote again on October 1st. Pick a new leader for the PC's, who will chart a new direction. You KNOW that not all PC's are the same. You know that a different leader can change things dramatically. Look at Peter Lougheed. Now look at Ralph Klein. Same party, two TOTALLY different governments.

And, after all is said and done, if you STILL hate the PC's, then volunteer for your local Wildrose, Alberta Party, Liberal or NDP costituency association. Stand for election yourself. Make a difference.

ALL of you, PC and otherwise - make a difference. Because oh MAN, do we need difference-makers in this province.

It starts with voting, today.


WHO CAN VOTE? Eligible voters shall be:

  • Canadian Citizens
  • Of the full age of 16 years
  • Ordinarily resident in Alberta for at least six (6) months immediately prior to the voting date
  • Members in good standing of a Provincial Progressive Conservative Constituency Association (this just means you've paid for your membership)

HOW DO I BECOME A PC PARTY MEMBER IN ORDER TO VOTE? You can buy a membership for $5 at your local polling station right up until the polls close at 7 pm.

WHERE DO I VOTE? Click on this link, and then on the name of your constituency.

HOW DO I DETERMINE IN WHICH CONSTITUENCY I LIVE? Click on this link, select "Postal Code" and enter yours. Easy as pie. Or cake. Whichever's easiest.


Each person must present their membership card and two pieces of Identification, one of which should be a picture ID, acceptable to establish residency within the constituency. Eligible identification includes but is not limited to:

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Citizenship Card
  • Social Insurance Card
  • Student ID
  • Utility bill
  • Property tax bill
  • Automobile insurance card

Voters whose eligibility as Canadian citizens is challenged will be required to show evidence of Canadian Citizenship such as:

  • Citizenship Card
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • If challenged, proof of age.



Anonymous said...

I thought about voting, but the thought of giving $5 and being on future P.C. lists turns my stomach.

Enlightened Savage said...

Anon: I hope you give that $5 to another party, then, and work in your own way to make Alberta better governed.

Good ideas know no partisan boundaries!

- E.S.

Anonymous said...

I cracked when Morton, Orman and Griffiths moved over to the Mar camp. Seeing the old boys in action convinced me to become a (temporary) PC. I bought a membership and am voting for Alison Redford in round 2.