Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Convince Me: Gary Mar

The following comes via a Gary Mar supporter who took me up on my offer to post arguments in favour of a writer's preferred candidate.

As always, this should not be construed as an endorsement by myself.

Their text (with abbreviations edited to their full-length) begins now.


I have known Gary since the mid 90s. We met when he was Seniors Minister and I was a reporter in Olds. I watched him speak with a group of irate seniors and bring them onside regarding cuts to seniors' programs. He can connect with people of any stripe in a very sincere and real way. I traveled with him a lot when he was Education Minister and that view was only solidified. Gary is smart enough to understand the issues in a comprehensive way and pragmatic enough to find consensus.


I will continue to post there as I get them. As a reminder, they can be emailed to me at oberhoffner (at) facebook (dot) com.

- E.S.

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Anonymous said...

So he "convinced" poor seniors to be "on board" with him making cuts that likely made their last years more difficult instead of working to ensure our vulnerable aging population was supported?

Seniors is not the place to cut! How about MLA extra wages, MLA severance packages, MLA double dipping OR perhaps sweet 300,000 "contracts" to best friends for nothing in return?