Sunday, June 5, 2011

Video: Interview with PC Leadership candidate Doug Griffiths

Nation, in early February I had a chance to sit down with Doug Griffiths, MLA for Battle River-Wainwright, to talk about his vision for the province of Alberta going forward. Griffiths had announced only the day before that he would be seeking the PC leadership, and his team had quickly set up a "Social Media Breakfast", which was attended by several blogging luminaries from the Calgary area.

Turns out they had a spare seat, so I was invited, too. ;)

Griffiths will be getting the "Full Savaging" later on, in terms of a full candidate profile (as will ALL of the PC Leadership contenders), but considering I finally figured out how to fix the "brightness" issue on the video I recorded (too bad I couldn't fix the "stammering interviewer" issue, but Microsoft Movie Maker only lets you do so much), I thought it better to get the video up sooner, rather than later.

I want to make it clear that, as always, my coverage of these contenders should not in any way be construed as an endorsement. I am willing - HAPPY, in fact - to meet with every PC Leadership candidate - Liberal leadership contenders too, for that matter - when they're in the Calgary area. Informed voters make better choices, and I want Albertans of ALL political stripes to make the best choices possible, so consider this an open invitation. I don't mind putting the work in, if it helps my fellow citizens make their decisions.  I'm working on scheduling with the Mar and Redford camps right now. Everyone else - I'm easy to find. (Hint: Email's in my blogger profile)

So, without any further ado...  Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Griffiths (in 2 parts due to duration limits, works out to JUST over 15 minutes)...


Glen said...

So, every problem is complex, and everyone has to contribute, and everyone wants to consult, and we all want solutions, and we all want what's best, and and and. And what? Fifteen minutes of no policy, no path, no guts. Stelmach 2.0

Christina said...

Wow! How far this campaign has come since February 16 (the day after Griff made his announcement to enter the race).

I'm proud to be supporting Doug and to be a member of the Go Griff team!

For more information on his policies ... because like he said in the video we will be fleshing things out and he certainly has and is still going to be in the near future ... visit!

Only more great things to come!

Anonymous said...

Joey, what a great idea.

Just a comment on Doug's policy statements. All of the political parties sound alike at election time. Afterall who's going to stand for fiscal irresponsibility and environmental degradation? The key to picking the right party is to figure out which party and which leader has integrity. Will this candidate continue to listen to the people once he's been elected? Is this candidate prepared to take a stand or does he blindly following the party line. I'll say this for Doug...he broke with the PC's early on when he supported the call for a public inquiry into healthcare. That's promising.