Sunday, June 6, 2010

Coming on Monday: SAVAGEvision!

Nation, just a few short days ago you all the the pleasure and privilege of hearing the seamless, smooth and EXTREMELY professional-sounding audio of an interview I conducted with mayoral candidate Naheed Nenshi.

This marked my first foray into the realm of non-text political analysis since my "coming out" party of last fall.

Well, mark your calendars - because the devastatingly handsome visage of The Enlightened Savage will be gracing your computer screens this Monday, June 7th when the geniuses at FusedLogic foist me on an unsuspecting public at 7:00 pm, Mountain Time.

I'll be participating via Skype from my palatial estate home in south Calgary, in a show talking about the upcoming municipal elections in Calgary, Strathcona County, and in that other city, north of Red Deer...

Also on the broadcast will be blogger Alex Abboud, as well as special guests who might be appearing on a ballot near you. You'll want to tune in - once we get finished with the political analysis, Abboud and myself might get into a bicep flexing contest, so you won't want to miss out on the impromptu "gun show".

As the clock strikes 7 on Monday, click here - and brace yourself for some SAVAGE commentary!

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Jane Morgan said...

Darn, I missed this.

Is it cached some where?