Thursday, January 21, 2010

Keep 'Em Coming!

Nation, I can't predict the future - well, I CAN, but it won't be any more accurate than reading the entrails of a chicken (more comfortable for the chicken, though). We don't know if the PC's are going to deposit the WAP into the wastebin of history along with all the other challengers that came before them, or if the PC Party of Alberta in 2013 will be a memory itself, swept away on the winds of change.

What we DO know, though, is that the times are a-changing... and we have a real chance, through engagement with either (or both!) of those parties and through movements such as Reboot Alberta to effect real change to our society, and deal with some of the real issues that face us as a province - like primary education, economic diversification, the never-ending quest to inject sustainable business practices into the sacred cow of Canadian politics, the health care system...

There's a conversation going on out there... and there's one going on in here, too. If you look to the right, you'll see a section on this blog entitled "Perfecting Alberta". The hope is that, WHOMEVER is running this province is going to see some good ideas in the comments section of those posts. They're not the usual ES diatribes - it's a chance for YOU, the members of the ES Nation, to give your ideas about how we can make this province a better place for our children, and for their children. Please take advantage, and keep the conversation going.

Now, it's of opportunities for you that I wish to speak...

I get questions. LOTS of questions, via email, about a lot of topics. People who seem to think I have inside knowledge about a given subject, people seeking my opinions (sometimes in areas in which I have absolutely no expertise whatsoever), people who want to know about ME... well, here's your chance. And we'll even do this democratically.

Ask me ANYTHING that you think I can answer - about politics, policy, my opinions, myself - whatever you like. Put it in the "comments" section below. After a set period of time - say, 3 days - I'll take the questions and make a poll out of them. The Nation can vote, and the 5 questions that get the most votes, I will answer to the best of my ability - no B.S., no spin, no half-truths (there have been enough of those in my part of town lately).

So, Nation, this begs the question... what do you REALLY want to know?


Anonymous said...

Okay I'll go first.

What do you think of CCS? Should the Alberta gov. be putting money into this?

Anonymous said...

For someone who talks alot about democratic reform you seem pretty lukewarm about the WRAP.

What about them worries you?

Slater said...

Weren't you going to write on what makes a good member of the opposition? I know you've written advice to all the leaders, but now that we have 3 opposition parties in the Leg, what advice do you have for them?

I've also noticed that by and large, the general public has zero club how a government actually works. Many of the Alberta blogs, such as Daveberta, focus on the politician as celebrity and all-powerful who dictates everything from their office. Could you explain a bit how government actually works.

Anonymous said...

Your self-described "blogfather" Ken Chapman left the PCs. Your political mentor (Forsyth) crossed to floor to the Wildrose Alliance.. why are you still in the PCs?