Thursday, December 24, 2009

Breaking News: NORAD Tracking Suspicious Sleigh-Shaped Object

Gather your children nearby, and click here for more coverage.

Protect yourselves, Nation - do you have your Survival Kits prepared?

  • 1 glass eggnog and/or milk
  • 1 plate assorted cookies (gingerbread and sugar cookies preferred)
  • 1 carrot - reindeer approved
  • 1 butter tart (2 if you're at the Savage household)
Gather your Survival Kits and hunker down - it could be a long night.

- E.S.


Calgary Rants said...

Are you serious Clark? ( Cousin Eddy)

Merry Christmas to you and your new bride!


Enlightened Savage said...

Thanks, Shane- great movie, my holiday favourite. Best wishes to you, your lovely and ever-patient wife, who has (miraculously) managed not to kill you for the things you write on your other blog, AND to your 0.9 children. :)

I half expected an anonymous comment about how "only Danielle Smith and the WAP have a plan to protect Alberta from airspace incursions by red-clad foreign nationals and genetically engineered reindeer."

Kirk Schmidt said...

ES, you should know better; The WAP is provincial, NORAD is Federal jurisdiction.

That said, as an independent, only *I* have a party-wide endorsed plan to protect Canada from the evil Dr. Claus. No, wait, I think I'm combining things again. Hmm... maybe I shouldn't have delved into the eggnog in my survival kit.

Merry Christmas ES