Saturday, October 24, 2009

[knock] [knock] Housekeeping!

That's not just what this blog post is about - more importantly, it's also the sound I'll be hearing on November 4th when the beautiful Mrs. Savage and I arrive at the not-quite-as-beautiful-but-still-not-bad Valentin Imperial Maya for 14 days and nights of all-inclusive bliss in the Mayan Riviera.

To that end, you'll notice a poll up to your right - asking who should mind the blog while I'm away (I've been told, in no uncertain terms, that accessing the internet for any reason whilst on our honeymoon will be considered a capital crime). There are a lot of things that will be going on - or MAY be going on - while I'll be away, so I'm going to need someone to cover the federal scene as well as the PC AGM and any potential fall-out from the leadership vote (assuming, of course, that the Premier doesn't solidify his leadership numbers by following my simple plan, posted below this note).

You'll also want to check with the creme-de-la-creme of Alberta's political bloggerati as this stuff goes down. To that end, I've added a few notable blogs to the "E.S. recommends" area over on the right, and added a separate section for blogs I read that (mostly) don't talk politics - in ellebee's defence, she'd talk more about politics, but I seem to keep stealing her opinions. ;)

So, in no particular order, welcome to:
  • Brian Dell - we don't often agree, but Brian's arguments are always well made, and he tolerates dissenting opinion. He's good by me. :)
  • Jeremy at PolitiCalgary - Jeremy was a breath of fresh air in the 2007 mayoral race, and now he's trying to hold this council accountable for the decisions they make. A novel concept - check him out.
  • RebootAlberta - Ken Chapman's new project,t o try and make this province a better place - the fact that we're not BAD doesn't mean there's no room to make it better. Be the change you want to see - visit this blog (and comment on the "Perfecting Alberta" series to your right!)
  • Searching for Liberty - Extremely articulate view from Lethbridge. Lest we forget, there are political minds at work outside of the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor.
  • The Alberta Altruist - Anonymous (mostly), good analysis, a stated bias but also willing to see other sides. He's the WAP version of The Enlightened Savage - only (obviously) not nearly as handsome. Or humble.
  • The Sinocanadian - A former colleague of mine, who has DEFINITELY gone places. China, specifically. If you're looking for the poop on Canada/China relations, especially as relates to the environment, this is your hook-up.
  • Up Close and Personal with Jane - The Executive Director of the WAP, Jane is good people. She's very much about talking WITH people rather than AT them - which makes her a huge asset to her party, and a great read.
  • fOrMerjourno Rants and Raves - A good friend and colleague, formerly a member of the evil "Mainstream Media", now he's allowed to have his OWN opinions - which he'll share on any number of things, in particular those dastardly Calgary Flames.
  • The Next Chapter - A dear friend and co-worker (and fantastic photographer!), blogging on her journey to Mexico in search of good health. She's been dealt a bad hand, but she's determined to come out on the other side - and with her adorable puppy Valentina (a dachshund trained to respond to commands in Italian), too. She'd love to hear some positive feedback, and stories of people overcoming the odds.


Enlightened Savage said...

Oh, by the way... if you scroll down some and to the right, you'll see a section entitled "Elect the Enlightened Savage".

I'm putting policy points in this space that I am willing to commit to bringing in or supporting. As I get introduced to new ideas and as my understanding of concepts evolves, more will be added.

Whether I run in 2 years or in 20 years, I want it known WELL in advance what I stand for. An informed voting public makes for good governance... and I want them to know what they'll be getting from Candidate E.S.

Anonymous said...

You shoould have that red tory Jonathan Denis host your blog while you're gone. Everyone thought you were him anyways.

Brian Dell said...

E.S. would make a better politician than most bloggers because he is polite and skeptical of partisanship.

I nominate Joey Oberhoffner for Calgary City Council.

Anonymous said...

I like the 'Elect E.S" talk. Too bad that unless there is some monumental shift in how our party runs things.( assuming of course, that you would be a PC candidate)

Future politicians from our generation can hope to implement ideals and run on individual beliefs, but unfortunately, the party system kind of stifles this idealism. Its "toe the line", shut your mouth and follow the party platform most of the time unfortunately. Hopefully...this will change in our time. ( We are still in our early 30' here's hoping!)


Derrick Jacobson said...

Better shut your mouth and tow the party line. LOL. You will be the first regular member of the PC party to be Boutilliered for speaking out of line. I for one am surprised at how long some will wait for the party to change, what do you figure Joey?

Anonymous said...

Alt...they would not dare try and shut me up! lol... I will speak my mind...for better or worse. If they do not like it, I am usr eI can find a place that will. They must realize that I am speaking from a place of love and frustration... :)

Jane Morgan said...

14 days in the Riviera... sand....sun....Oh why couldn't this be a poll about who to take with you...LOL.... I am guessing it't your honeymoon though...I have heard about those.

I often let my blog go for 10-14 days....Honeymoon would be a damn good reason IMO.

Thanks for the link and as they say, it is an honor just to be nominated. ;)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Enlightened Savage said...

Thanks for the nomination, Brian. Got a spare $20,000? I sure don't... :)

AA: I'm not going to wait for them to change to suit me... I'm going to CHANGE them. :)

kenchapman said...

Enjoy the time together in Mexico. Lots of Reboot Alberta stuff to talk about when you get back.

Jane Morgan said...

Hmmm, almost looks like someone is spamming your poll.

Jeremy said...

I feel so out of place with all these provincial junkies...

Kevin Federoff said...

Define spamming the poll? If that means an email was sent out to some friends to vote, very possible.

I do not think the person in second cares to win this one. He is not a Blogger.

Kirk Schmidt said...

"Define spamming the poll"
Usually of the type, "Vote early, vote often" ;)
(See my post on the problems of Online Voting for more)

"If that means an email was sent out to some friends to vote, very possible."
Well, I guess if you're looking to win *something*, you would GOTV for a chance to do guest weblog posts for a few weeks...

Kirk Schmidt said...

P.S., ES - do you have accesslog privileges through Blogger? You should be able to parse them and do some IP analysis to see what happened (if you actually care).

Enlightened Savage said...

Kirk: We got a lot of hits from Project Alberta and from the forums at over the past week... but all's fair in love, war and political blogging. ;)

Let's call it a "lesson in the use of social media for political purposes". It works - clearly. :)