Monday, September 14, 2009

Live-blogging from DCU Campaign Headquarters

Nation, as you read on daveberta, I'll be live-tweeting and live-blogging the results for the Glenmore by-election as they come in. Updates will be posted at the bottom of this post.


As of 8:30, only the mobile polls have come in.

Colley-Urquhart (PC) 7
Roberts (Lib) 5
Hinman (WAP) 3
Carpendale (NDP) 1
Skowronski (SC) 1
Grochowski (ind.) 0


4 polls in

Colley-Urquhart (PC) 84
Roberts (Lib) 110
Hinman (WAP) 166
Carpendale (NDP) 7
Skowronski (SC) 8
Grochowski (ind.) 2

12 polls of 66

Colley-Urquhart (PC) 413
Roberts (Lib) 442
Hinman (WAP) 566
Carpendale (NDP) 26
Skowronski (SC) 18
Grochowski (ind.) 14


46 out of 66 reporting.

Colley-Urquhart (PC) 1821
Roberts (Lib) 2291
Hinman (WAP) 2632
Carpendale (NDP) 89
Skowronski (SC) 81
Grochowski (ind.) 51


53 of 66

Colley-Urquhart (PC) 2081
Roberts (Lib) 2696
Hinman (WAP) 3035
Carpendale (NDP) 110
Skowronski (SC) 92
Grochowski (ind.) 57


63 of 66

Colley-Urquhart (PC) 2491
Roberts (Lib) 3321
Hinman (WAP) 3611
Carpendale (NDP) 140
Skowronski (SC) 105
Grochowski (ind.) 65

Advance and special polls not in yet - could make a big difference to Hinman and Roberts. Stay tuned.

Hearing Avalon Roberts has conceded to Paul Hinman, with only the advance poll waiting to report.


Brian Dell said...

2 to 1 margin WAP over PC? Just 4 polls in but last year polls were consistent enough this has got to have the government worried...

Anonymous said...

So, TES, what now?

Is the next big test for the Premier the leadership question at the PC AGM?

Anonymous said...

It is what, 8 or 9 weeks till the AGM, that is an eon in politics. Everybody take a deep breath... we need a measured response, not an ohmygoshtheskyisfalling response. This will refocus the PCs. That is not a bad thing. Let's all congratulate the WRAP for running a good campaign and get ready for the next round...appropriate, measured response needed. Nothing more.