Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shuffling the Deck

Nation, the impending shuffle of Alberta's provincial cabinet is one of the worst-kept secrets in the political sphere today.

Whether it will be a dramatic overhaul (at least 10 ministries changing hands) or a tweak (less than 3), the winds of change are indeed blowing through the halls of power in the Legislature.

My Blogfather, Ken Chapman, just celebrated his 3-year anniversary as a blogger, and is hosting a discussion about what sorts of changes we can expect - or hope for - in the new cabinet. Go check it out, and throw in your 2 cents!

Ken Chapman: What Cabinet Shuffle Advice Would You Give Premier Stelmach?


kenchapman said...

Thx for the link ES. This was the most read and had the most comments on it of any post in the 3years I have been Blogging.

Losts of disgruntled poeple throughout Alberta these days and it is not just the recession driving it.

Anonymous said...

Yes. What's driving it is that we live in a right wing province and the governments keep drifting too far to the left.