Friday, May 29, 2009

... and That Makes 20!

Nation, notwithstanding my recently having been "outed" by the much-lamented AlbertaTory as former Seattle Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren, I was happy to receive in my inbox early yesterday the 20th incorrect guess as to my true identity.

For posterity's sake, as well as for a little amusement, I thought I'd post the 20 incorrect guesses here (keeping in mind that some of these guesses have been made by several people).

I am NOT (in no particular order):

  • Jonathan Denis
  • Troy Wason
  • A member of the Stelmach family
  • Judy Wilson
  • Larry Johnsrude
  • Kirk Schmidt
  • A member of the Herard family
  • Don O'Beirne (sp?)
  • A member of the Wojtaszek family
  • AlbertaTory
  • Dave Breakenridge
  • Satya Das
  • Robin Darsi
  • Tyler Shandro
  • Keith Marlowe
  • Daveberta (when do you people think Dave has time to write ANOTHER blog?!?)
  • Roger Holmes
  • Courtney Luimes (does Courtney know she's been mistaken for a 31 year-old man?)
  • Patrick Brown

... or, yesterday's guess...

  • Cory Morgan

Some are closer than others. And, for the record: *I* don't think Courtney Luimes is a 31 year-old man.

Keep 'em coming, Nation. ;)

- E.S.


Anonymous said...

Hanna Montana is a 31 year old man right?

DJ Kelly said...

Do you really want me to guess? I don't think that would be fair. Besides, admit it, you're having fun with this...

Kirk Schmidt said...

Yeah, you can't be me, because I'm me... and if you were me, then I would not be me, and uhh...

Anonymous said...

Cmon Ed...quit fooling around. You've got a province to run....E.S.= Ed Stelmach.

Anonymous said...

You totally are that red tory Jonathan Denis!

Calgary Rants said...

Ah...I think that you are a 31 year old man, whose better half doesnt care for political talk that lives in Calgary Egmont that writes a pretty cool blog. ( As opposed to me, a 32 year old male, that lives in Calgary Hays, whose wife doesnt care to talk politics and writes a cheap imitiation blog, lol)

I met a mutual friend who knows you...but I didnt ask your identity. I only asked if I knew who you were, and they said no. So...I am leaving it up to you to take the mask off.


Unknown said...

Let me guess... Spartacus?

Kirk Schmidt said...

LOL to anon @ 8:33am

Anonymous said...

That Red Tory Jonathan Denis wouldn't dare post on here.

Josh said...

Hmmmm since I know about 1/4 of the people on the list and recognize a few others names I have maybe at one point or another met you or heard your name mentioned?

Anonymous said...

I know who you are but I will never, ever say a word. Your secret's safe with this Tory therefore, I will not play the game!

Don O'Beirne said...

Really? This is my first mention on the blog? I need to get out more I guess. Or run for office or or something. Do we elect dog catchers around these parts? No? Damn. How about Aldermen?

Just to clear things up, I have met the Enlightened Savage and I can say with almost no uncertainity that he is no Don O'Beirne.

Don is....shorter....and for some reason refers to himself in both the first and third person on this blog.

Mind you, if this is truly a world where Jonathan Denis is a Red Tory then maybe Don IS the Enlightened Savage. The only red thing about Jono is the colour of his steaks, which he has with Appletinis and Creme de Brule every second Thursday in the back of a Blue Van.

Anonymous said...

Do we all get to guess? Can we ask questions about you? Like, are you taller than Courtney Luimes? Are you shorter than Josh? Do you part your hair on the left side?

Anonymouse said...

Are you the Cave Man from the Geico commercials? He is a savage and seems pretty enlightened

Seener Beaner said...

haha I love how everyone asks if you know them. I have asked the same. We all feel like we KNOW you...

Those that do know your identity do a helluva job keep it a secret.

Breakenridge said...

While, 31, involved with someone who is not as politically interested as I, I live in Calgary-Fish Creek, and have my own outlet for cantankerous rantings.

Although I do approve of calling one's followers Nation.

I'm curious who tossed my name in as a possibility.