Thursday, April 23, 2009


Verily, members of that most exclusive of all Nations, I say unto thee: 'Tis good to once again grasp mine too-long neglected quill, and put point to parchment in the pursuit of fleeting Enlightenment. :)

Happy "Talk Like Shakespeare Day", everyone.

Nation, I've been off for a while (work - out of the country. Not my fault), and I'm glad to see that no one managed to set the E.S. Nation on fire in my absence.

I WOULD, however, be remiss if I didn't mention a couple of quick items in my return...

1) Auditor General's Report comes out. This is a BIG DEAL. I'm very much in favour of a fully-funded and empowered AG, which puts me at odds with the government. I'd encourage everyone to read this for themselves. I'd also strongly urge the Liberal Communications gurus to make sure not to overdo the cliches on their mailing list (which is a positive step for them, btw - is this new, or is the addition of my email address the only new thing about it?). The email to my inbox was splashed with the subject line "AG Report reveals culture of cronyism" - wow. Hot stuff, I think to myself. This should be quite a read. I open the email, to find what cronyism in particular is being decried. The answer? None whatsoever. There were allegations and suggestions of wasteful spending, but absolutely zero on alleged "cronyism". If you're going to make the allegations in the subject line, you've got to follow through in the body of the email, Lib staffers. Come on - be better than that. :)

2) The Plan for Parks is released. Are Provincial Parks for recreation, or for conservation? Both, it turns out. As a bonus, citizens can now nominate their own provincial parks. So, the $64,000 question becomes: what lucky stretch of land is destined to someday be named "Enlightened Savage Provincial Park"... anyone? Hey, if Colbert can get a treadmill on the ISS, surely I can get a Provincial Park!

3) Hinman steps down as leader of the Wildrose Alliance. While WAP members huddle in the pews praying fervently for Saint Preston to rediscover the fire in his belly, the rest of us wonder who will ACTUALLY step up to lead this group - and in what direction? The party itself has huge potential for growth, with the PC Party still on the energy sector's "crap list". Could this be the opening that some disaffected Tories on the party's right fringe were waiting for?

That's it for now, Nation - this Savage has some laundry to do.


Dunkler said...

I've started getting the communications emails as well. So too, it seems, are AGRDT, Calgary Rants, Ken Chapman, Straight Outta Edmonton, Calgary Grit, Daveberta, TPB, and Werner Patels. So the Liberal communications team aren't just sending out the briefs to ALP friendly blogs, but also to Tory, NDP, and unaffiliated ones as well.

Calgary Rants said...

Yep, I get it to my email address. And trust me...I never signed up for it!