Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Okay, Nation... it's been over a year now since the most recent Provincial Election saw the "Opposition 11" sent to the Legislature to try their best to hold the government, and its 72 MLA's, to account over how this province is being run.

Many of the readers of this blog are the type who pay attention to the goings-on under the Dome in between elections and so for the next week, I'd like some analysis from YOU - as little as a vote, as much as a paragraph in the comments section - as to who the most effective Opposition member has been over the past year.

The new poll, posted to your right, casts you in the role of a PC Cabinet Minister.

"You're a Minister in the Alberta Government, and a damaging report is about to be issued about your department. Question Period starts in 2 minutes. The Opposition Member you LEAST want to see standing to ask you a question is..."

Your options, of course, are as follows:

  • Dr. David Swann
  • Laurie Blakeman
  • Harry Chase
  • Kent Hehr
  • Darshan Kang
  • Hugh MacDonald
  • Bridget Pastoor
  • Dr. Kevin Taft
  • Dave Taylor
  • Brian Mason
  • Rachel Notley

So, sound off, Nation - which of the "Opposition 11" is the most extraordinary? Which one do YOU fear, Mr. Minister?


Duncan said...

Honest answer is Dr. David Swann because that means it is a much bigger deal. I believe Dave Taylor is the most talented soundbyte guy in QP, but the scandal sounds so much worse as the lead question. Besides, then the question is really going to my boss, not me.

Anonymous said...

Blakeman. Not a question of fear, just having to hear that voice.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My vote goes to Kent Hehr... this guys has a lot of guts. Too bad he is a liberal...but we can't all be perfect.

Anonymous said...

I know it sounds arrogant, but I am not afraid of any of them. Each one of them gives up on issues too quickly - either in 3 days or whenever the Journal stops covering them (whichever comes first).

I like Laurie Blakeman but she is never lead on "front page" issues, and Taylor and Hehr aren't bad either.

Anonymous said...

Hughie for sure. That guy has a photographic memory and if a scandal is about to hit the floor, he will no doubt have statistical data at the tip of his tongue to show how this could have been avoided, who exactly is at fault, and a precise time line on when to behead the 15 people he KNOWS are involved.