Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Glass Houses


Jack Layton garnered less than 50% of the votes in his own riding in the 40th General Election...

Does this mean that if Sharon Howarth, Andrew Lang and Christina Perrault all sign a letter to the Chief Electoral Officer, then Jack's got to give up his seat in Parliament?

Do the right thing, Jack... the majority of the voters in Toronto-Danforth said they didn't support Jack Layton's ultra left-wing ideology...

Sucks when the shoe's on the other foot, no?


Enlightened Savage said...

I want to thank the New Democrat trolls for taking the time to write me their oh-so-witty hate letters, including 2 with actual threats of violence.

I know some committed, principled New Democrats - and you are nothing like them.

I know very well, for the record, how the parliamentary system works. That was my point - the guy who gets the most votes wins. It was presented using a tactic called "irony". Look it up.

Also, thank-you for your inquiry, but I too was educated in the public system in Alberta. Finished it, too. And no, to the 3 who asked, my parents were not, in fact, related before they were married - but thank-you for your concern.

I notice I'm not getting any hate mail from Dion or Harper supporters, about ANY of my posts - running a little hot, ND Trolls?

DJ Kelly said...

Agreed. There has been members of all parties speaking from both sides of their mouths.

Where are the moderates?