Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shut Out!

Nation, I want everyone to remain calm.

I know that voting has started for the 2008 Canadian Blog Awards. and I know, at first blush, it appears that, inexplicably, the juggernaut that is The Enlightened Savage has failed to garner any nominations, in any category whatsoever.

I'm very sure it's just a minor oversight - perhaps a clerical error. I want it made very clear that in NO WAY am I suggesting that the millions and millions of members of the E.S. Nation should rise up and in their righteous wrath smite those responsible for this oversight...

Because, well, a) it's not "righteous wrath" if it's not righteous, and b) it's as much MY oversight as anyone else's, for not sending in any nominations. Truth be told, it caught me completely by surprise - I didn't even know nominations had been open, and I wouldn't even have known that we were already VOTING for the awards if I hadn't read it on Facebook. I guess if I'm not NOMINATED, then I can't possibly LOSE, can I? :)

So there you go - this is my triumphant return from a "Future Mrs. Savage"-induced blogging holiday, the set-up for which went something like this: "You remember all those things you said you were going to get to as soon as the election was over...?"

Well, the "Honey Do" list is done, so here I am. 3 weeks... not too shabby. :)

GO VOTE, Nation! If I can't WIN, I'll at least be a King Maker. So... let's see... vote "Alberta: Get Rich or Die Trying" for Best New Blog (you're welcome, jk and eh). And don't forget to support FOES (Friends Of Enlightened Savage) Calgary Grit, daveberta, Saskboy, and Dunkler (of Four Strong Winds) in their respective categories!

It's good to be back... and in the words of Mel Brooks' King Louis: "It's GOOD to be the King..."

- E.S.


kenchapman said...

I still love you for your mind

Anonymous said...

no worries, I myself have no nominations, in fact, I didn't even know about these awards. I wouldn't expect any though because my blog is relatively new

Dunkler said...

Nice to have you back, ES. And thanks for the shout out.

calgarygrit said...

You can be the Gerard Kennedy of online blog awards!

Thanks for the shout-out!

Anonymous said...

You still have awesome initials.