Saturday, June 14, 2008

If You Want Something Done Right...

... suggest it yourself.

The Calgary Sun reports that the CPS is mulling over the idea of taking control of the security requirements on Calgary's transit system.

Good idea... where have I heard it before?

It's a much smaller scale than my own suggestion, but it IS a start. Leave it to the CPS to need a reported $9 Million for 70 officers, when you can pay $16.64 Million for 320 officers.

I know... training, equipment, computers, et cetera.

Still, though: Good idea. I had it first.

Now, let's get the feds to help out with the cost. It's a drop in the bucket of the Federal Government, whereas it's a reason for municipal government, should it pick up the tab, to hike taxes ANOTHER 10-12%. Besides, isn't the security of public transit in major urban centres a HUGE priority for the Minister of Public Safety?

I'd think that Stock Day would rather have trained Calgary Police Servce officers patrolling our transit system for threats domestic and foreign, than Calgary Transit "rent-a-cops". So, Stock: That'll be $9 Million to start, please. Make it out to "The Enlightened Savage" - I'll make sure it goes to the right place.

- E.S.


Allie Wojtaszek said...

Tasers are expensive....

I jest. Of course I like the CPS way more than EPS. I was afterall, almost a CPS Officer.

Anonymous said...

I know taser jokes make for a tough crowd, but I would almost be in favour for pre-emptive tasering for the C-Train. At least for anyone playing their iPod too loud, and for those putting their feet on the seat.