Monday, March 3, 2008

Early Returns

9:19 pm

PC's in 72
Libs in 9
NDP in 2

Shocking... just shocking. A few ridings in Calgary could still turn, including McCall... what does all this mean for Paul Hinman? Is Dave Taylor the new Leader of the Opposition?

8:36 Going off-line for about 30 minutes, nation... go to for updates.

8:35 pm

PC's in 54
Libs in 7
NDP in 3
Independent in 1 (It's Ron Leech, in Montrose)

8:28 pm

PC's in 40
Libs in 5
NDP in 1
Independent in 1 (No, it's not Egmont)

8:24 pm

PC's in 29
Libs in 3

These results MUST be coming in from the cities - the WAP is polling under 3%.

8:21 pm

Global just projected a PC majority government.

PC's in 19
Libs in 2

8:18 pm

PC's in 8
Libs in 2
NDP in 1

These are WAY too preliminary to get excited about, plus we don't know where they're coming from - if these are all Calgary ridings, the PC's are in serious trouble. If this is coming from Edmonton, Taft should be cleaning out his office...

8:16 pm

PC's in 6
Libs in 2
NDP in 1

8:13 pm

PC's in 3
Libs in 2

8:12 pm

PC's leading in 1
Libs leading in 1

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Anonymous said...

Disgusting. Fuckin' disgusting. I am embarrassed to be an Albertan right now.