Sunday, November 18, 2007

Calgary Egmont - There Goes The Neighbourhood

Well, Nation, the "Big 2" have confirmed their nominations for the provincial constituency of Calgary Egmont. The contenders are:

Cathie Williams, former chair of the Calgary Catholic School Board.

Craig Chandler, head of the PGIB. Remember this?

This riding is just BEGGING for a legitimate candidate to crawl up through the middle, run a high-profile campaign waging war simultaneously against Williams' proclivity towards spending taxpayer dollars and Chandler's proclivity towards, well, being Chandler.

Wildrose? Whatchya got?



Wildrose Party I thought Chandler said they endorsed him. Oh yeah that was another one of his fabrications.

Herbert B. Patrotage said...

Such consternation in Toryville over Chandler winning the nomination in Egmont. Really, could he be any more embarrassing than that buffoon the PCs had in Elbow '89-'07?

I expect that Craig will run in Egmont next year as a PC if the Premier signs his papers, or as an Alliance or Wildrose candidate if he doesn't pass the Tom Olsen smell test. Either way, the next Egmont MLA will probably be Cathie Williams.