Tuesday, June 12, 2007

By-Election Update #5 - Final (Unofficial) Results

Total Votes Cast: 10,532 (35.6% of eligible voters)

Craig Cheffins (Liberal) - 4,801 votes (46%)
Brian Heninger (PC) - 4,017 (38%)
George Read (Green) - 611 (6%)
Jane Greydanus (AA) - 456 (4%)
Al Brown (NDP) - 348 (3%)
Trevor Grover (SC) - 175 (2%)
Jeff Willerton (Ind.) - 124 (1%)

Total Votes Cast: 7,249 (33.3% of eligible voters)

Jack Hayden (PC) - 4,180 votes (58%)
Tom Dooley (Liberal) - 993 (14%)
Larry Davidson (SC) - 849 (12%)
John Rew (Ind.) - 519 (7%)
Dave France (AA) - 355 (5%)
Jennifer Wigmore (Green) - 249 (3%)
Richard Bough (NDP) - 104 (1%)


Allie Wojtaszek said...

I'm disappointed in the voter participation totals. 33-35% of voters? I mean, I know it's a by-election and all... but I think voter apathy is starting to become a bigger problem for the political parties of Alberta than the competition might be.

Enlightened Savage said...

Agreed... I understand this is an issue that Ken Chapman has been working on - how to get people, especially youth, involved in active participation and citizenship. Whether it be for a particular party or movement, or just out of a sense of civic responsibility, with 35% of people participating in the process, the elected MLA for Calgary-Elbow was chosen by fewer than 17% of those eligible to vote. That is a sign of a democracy that is in decay - and the people don't seem inclined to do anything about it. Perhaps a sign if disenchantment with the system? Would Proportional Representation help? Or is it just a greater mistrust of politicians in general?