Friday, February 9, 2007

The Blogger Blogs on Blogging

Well, I've been at this for a little while now, and I thought I'd take advantage of a break in the insanity that has become my schedule as late to post some quick observations about my experience thus far. No hard-hitting political commentary today, sadly.

I've found, for the most part, that I'm really enjoying my voyage through the blogosphere. It's been a great chance to add to the conversation, rather than just contributing to the noise. Most of the people I communicate with are extremely friendly, and welcome all viewpoints, not just their own. Even people who comment on this blog, anonymous or not, have tended to send well-thought out arguments and offered their support. I'm really enjoying myself, and hope to continue this as long as I can. With municipal elections, federal elections, and provincial elections all seemingly within the next 12 to 18 months, at most, I hope to use this beach-head to offer the same biting, insightful, witty, and humble commentary you've come to expect. ;)

I wanted to give special thanks to Ken Chapman, who went out of his way to make me feel welcome. I really enjoyed our conversation, Ken, and hope that we can have many more as I get more entrenched in the "alternative media", and eventually make my grab for the reigns of power as (gods help us all) an elected official someday.

So, who does the Commander-in-Chief of the ES Nation read every day? I read Ken Chapman's Blog several times a day - I have to, to keep abreast of all the varied issues he brings up with machine-gun rapidity. Phendrana Drifts is a daily read as well, and Duncan and Allie have been extremely kind to me. daveberta is a great read, and although you'd think that Dave and I had little in common philosophically, I often find myself nodding in agreement with his posts - before I realize that, as he's a Redmontonian, I'm honour-bound to disagree with everything he says except for any positive comments about God's Favourite Hockey Team, the Edmonton Oilers. ;) I also check out Larry Johnsrude on a daily basis, and find his blog a great source of information on the blogosphere itself.

I received mail today officially welcoming me to Progressive Bloggers! BOO-yah! Everyone make sure to vote for my posts - if I can figure out how to get them to appear. Opinions, I'm long on. Blogging Tech Knowledge, not so much.

Projects coming in the future include a possible podcast or vidcast (depending on the technological know-how required to get such things set up). There are "Enlightened Savage" stickers on the way - although I'm having a difficult time deciding between simple stickers with the logo and the URL on them, or stickers and buttons with "Proud Member of the E.S. Nation" on them.

I'm still trying to get time off from the gov't job (in the mysterious, un-named department in the miscellaneous ministry) to attend the PC Convention in Edmonton this May. I'd really like to meet up with the usual suspects while there (Ken, Duncan, Allie, Dave - I'm talking to YOU!) and report from the proceedings, but we'll see. I will DEFINITELY be in Edmonton in March, performing, and will let anyone who expresses an interest to my email (amishbuggyracing(at)gmail(dot)com) in on the where-and-when of that appearance. :)

I recently upgraded cell-phones to a Sony-Ericsson Z710i, which will make it infinitely easier for me to post remotely to the blog, if and when I figure out how to get the wireless keyboard for my Palm Tungsten E working, so I can type the message in the Palm, beam it (via I/R) to the phone, and post it to the web from there. I know, Blackberry would probably be easier - but I'm a Fido customer. :) Only provider with per-second billing.

On a personal level, work and life have caused me to contribute to the blog MUCH less often than I'd like, but those of you who have had to move 20 years worth of knick-knacks and whatzits into a substantially smaller space than they previously inhabited, while still trying to live your lives, not ruin your personal relationships, work several jobs and run a business (so, clearly no one who's SANE) can attest to the mess that things have become lately.

Thank-you all for your patience, and here's to many more great conversations in the days, weeks and months to come!

- The Enlightened Savage

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